Embroidered Sweaters and Rugby Tops Are Excellent Messengers

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Sweaters are highly visible clothing worn over other clothes, and embroidered sweaters are ideal for conveying your message. This message can be a company brand or the simple statement that the wearer is a dedicated fan of the England Rugby team.

The Sweater is a Catchall for Different Styles

Traditionally made from wool, sweaters were cold weather wear. These days, sweaters are also made from cotton, synthetics and blends. They are pulled over other items of dress, such as shirts and tops, and are also known as pullovers.

Covering the torso and arms, sweaters were ideal for sports played in cold environments, such as ice hockey, or for games during cold seasons.

Sweaters come in different styles - turtle neck, v-neck, crew neck; waistlines at varying heights; varying sleeve lengths; and differently styled hems. Embroidered sweaters can have the embroidery on sleeves or on the breast or can just consist of some tasteful lines across the front. You can choose an item that suits the conditions and your tastes.

Sweaters are also called pullovers, jumpers, jerseys and by other names, particularly in different countries. A cardigan has a front opening that sweaters lack. Sweaters made from cotton are known as sweatshirts. And sweaters with no sleeves are called vests.

Sweaters are easier to tailor, as they don't need elaborate devices for body fit. Being elastic items made from knitted fibers, sweaters adjust to body shape. However, the elasticity also means that you have to be more careful while washing a sweater.

Sweaters are maintained through washing and lint rolling.

Embroidered Sweaters and Rugby Tops

The high visibility of sweaters means that company logos and names will be visible on those times when a sweater is pulled over shirts and tops, hiding any embroidery on these items. Embroidered sweaters are thus better for conveying your messages in cold countries where they tend to be worn more frequently.

Embroidered rugby tops are for fans of the respective rugby teams. Sports fans like to identify themselves with their teams and rugby tops embroidered with team logos is a popular dress in countries where rugby is played.

Rugby shirt manufacturers produce embroidered rugby shirts that replicate famous rugby wear such as Test rugby shirts worn by cup winning teams at world cups. There are Australia Rugby shirt, Ireland Dry shirt, the short sleeve version of England away rugby shirt, and so on.


Sweaters are items of clothing worn over other upper wear like shirts and tops. Embroidered sweaters are highly visible items of clothing that can display their message when those on the shirts and tops are hidden.

Embroidered rugby tops are highly popular among fans of different rugby teams. There are rugby tops replicating the patterns of jerseys worn by different country teams and those worn on famous occasions such as a cup victory.

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